Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best of the Year; Bon Appetit

Best of the Year: The Top Trends of 2007

Food is our passion, and there isn't much we like more than tracking its trends. Some rise and fall (like hemlines), while others start small and get big gradually. In this issue, we zero in on the keepers: the hottest, most intriguing trends out there, from the dish of the year to the one must-see city for foodies. It's our delicious guide to the best.


The lowly french fry was once relegated to fast-food restaurants and diners, but with the rise of the modern steakhouse and our continued love for all things bistro, fries have come into their own.

TOP CUISINE: Modern Greek

Today's Greek food is fresh and modern—just the thing for a great dinner party. Here's a menu from chef Michael Psilakis of New York's Anthos to give you and your friends a taste.

TOP DISH: Asian Noodle Soup

Forget gnudi (last year's "It" dish)—this year, we couldn't get enough ramen, udon, soba, and pho. Asian noodle soups, with tons more flavor than your average bowl of chicken noodle, are warming up restaurant-goers across the country.


Fish fillets, fish steaks, gorgeous whole fish: Any way you slice it—and even if you don't—fish is the protein of choice this year. The trick to cooking it perfectly is tailoring your technique to the cut.


It's the most luscious and satisfying way to end a meal. Need proof? Find it in these four delectable recipes.

TOP FLAVOR: Brown Butter

It's rich, nutty, complex, and oh so easy. Master the basics of brown butter, then try it in dishes both sweet and savory.


The classic technique is back, turning up on menus everywhere. It's all about concentrating flavors for rich results, and it's surprisingly simple. We've got the how-

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