Friday, November 09, 2007

Travel Kit for Reiners

Picture courtesy of Andrea

Spare trailer tire, jack, lug wrench, flashlight, road distress kit.

Horse papers, health certs, coggins, map, reservation confirmation, show premium.

Feed, supplements, feed buckets, water buckets, chains and snaps for buckets, hay bags. Stall cleaning fork, rake, tub, and cart. Clamp lights, box fan, extension cords, fasteners for all shapes and sizes of stalls to hook up. Tack cleaning type hook, snap, and chain. Ladder to put up all. Staple gun and staples for any stall curtains or decorations. Two by fours if metal stalls. Tool box with every tool that can be fit in there. Bicycle.

Did I mention taking the dogs? and their beds, kennels, food, bowls, leashes, toys...

Oh, and what about my show clothes? straw hat, felt hat, everyday clothes, toiletries, rain outfits, snow outfits...

It starts to make me tired, oh yeah, COFFEE and maker. BEER and CHEEZITS, lots of bottled WATER. Cups, paper towels, corkscrew, baggies, SLIMFAST, fruit, nuts, jerky, sugar free hard candies. Red licorice...

Read the entire list at the Practical Guide to Reining blog and be amazed at the process and what is needed for a show.

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