Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today We Bumped Into Marty Stuart at the Sparkle and Twang Exhibit

We went to see Sparkle and Twang at the Tennessee State Museum today. We wanted to have one last look before it was gone and we couldn't enjoy the sweet sparkles dancing before our eyes.

While they pulled a crowd of trip winners into another room, we continued to casually look around. Suddenly a couple of folks came through a back door and into the room where we were and it was Marty Stuart coming to give the crowd a quick speech and before going upstairs to sign some copies of his new book, Masters. I've seen him here and there around Nashville and he has always been quite the gentleman.

Once at Noshville, I went out to get a Tennessean and as I walked I glanced over the paper. Without looking up I reached up to open the door for some folks that were coming towards me and as the door opened and I looked up, there was Marty Stuart and his beautiful wife. They smiled two beautiful smiles, thanked me and stepped into the restaurant.

Yep, this is a fun city to live in.

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chez b├ęziat said...

You represent your town so well, my friend.

Thanks for sharing that.