Friday, November 23, 2007

Starwood is Gone and Here Comes the New

A place where millions of musical memories were made will become a site for shops, restaurants and about 250 families.

Vastland-Starwood Development LLC said Wednesday it plans to turn the former site of Starwood Amphitheatre into a $100 million retail-residential development called Starwood Commons.

Demolition of the amphitheater is under way in Antioch. Los Angeles-based concert promoter Live Nation closed the 22-year-old venue in February. Vastland Realty Group, a Nashville firm, bought it for $4.2 million in April.

Vastland said it would build about 350,000 square feet of retail space and about 250 units of townhomes on the 65.1-acre site. The two-story townhomes with garages would sell for about $150,000 each.

Read the full article in the Tennessean newspaper,

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