Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Lion Chasing Cars; Maybe He Was In The Mood for "Fast" Food

Check out the video that goes with the story

Ohio motorists watched in awe as a lion chased down cars on a major highway near Columbus, Ohio, last Wednesday.

"He just ran after them like a dog chasing cars, he'd run 10 to 15 feet and come back," a driver said.

The lion was an escaped pet named Lambert.

Lambert's owner, Terry Brumfield said his pet broke out through the top of his pen.

"It stands and like attacks someone's car. It's trying to attack the cars? It like came at my car. It's going back across the street now," a driver said.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and sheriff responded but Brumfield coaxed the cat back into his cage.

Brumfield raises lions as an escape from depression.

He owns two lions, Lambert and Lacey.

Although he loves his pets, Brumfield said he was prepared to shoot Lambert yesterday if necessary.

Here is a snippet from a 911 call about the lion:

911: Pike County

911Caller: I’m on 23 and there’s a lion on the road.

911: A lion?

Caller: It’s a lion! It almost hit my car.

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