Monday, November 12, 2007

KJUG Radio Personality Pepper Daniels Talks About Country Radio Seminar Experience

It's always fun to see what folks visiting Nashville experience and enjoy. Here is Pepper Daniels and his story of Country Radio Seminar this year. Click HERE to read the entire experience and see more of his pictures.
~C.S. Webbspun

Pepper Daniels from KJUG in San Luis Obispo, California.

Gary Allan's to cool for the pool. Never miss your chance to see him. After that show, we went to a bar on Broadway (Nashville's honky tonk and tourist hub). It was called "The Stage," and on stage was Little Big Town. John Mellencamp came out after midnight to sing about 5 songs with LBT, who sang on about 8 songs on his "Freedom's Road" CD. You'll also see a picture below of Carol with Mark Wills who was in the crowd. Also, Storme Warren, who hosts GAC's Country Music Across America TV show was in the house. No one wanted to miss Mellencamp!

Wednesday was opening day at the seminar. Early in the morning a welcome breakfast showcased Keynote speaker Jon Bon Jovi. He was intereviewed by Nashville Radio legend and WSIX morning show host Gerry House. The music business and life as an artist were among the topics. The offical opening concert is called the "Music City Jam." The tradition is to have a superstar perform and get some "special, surprise guests."

The highlight for Carol was Bon Jovi. Late Thursday night, the band hosted a private show for about 200 people. Building off the success of the Nashville inspired "Who Says You Can't Go Home (with Jennifer Nettles), the band has a complete new CD coming inspired and written in Nashville. Carol and I made sure we arrived early to get close. We got right up front and stood until our legs were burning. But, as you can see from the close pictures below, it was worth it. Carol had an out of body experience. I must admit it was amazing to see such huge rock stars so closely. Make no mistake about it, rock stars! One commet though (look below), it's time for Richie Sambora to button up that shirt!

Friday was a big day. I was wisked away at lunch to a great souther cooking place called "The Loveless Cafe." We had southern fried chicken, ham, biscuits, sweet potatoes and more! It was awsome and quaint. I had to get a tshirt! But the best part was riding to the restauant and listening to un-released Big & Rich music which very few people have heard.

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