Friday, November 30, 2007

Keith Urban is Finally Back Home in Nashville

~Keith Urban has toured internationally this year, but it's tonight's Sommet Center show that really makes him excited.

~As he begins what he says is a new chapter in his life, he can't help but reflect on his career.

"It doesn't feel like it was that long ago that I was playing the Ace of Clubs and 12th and Porter.

To go from those little places up to this venue is just amazing. It's a great feeling; I certainly don't take it for granted."

The couple purchased a Middle Tennessee farm this year that they're currently renovating.

"Ironically, the first place I took her to was out near Leiper's Fork," he said. "That ended up being out in the general area where we will now call home. I just knew that she would love it for the exact same reasons I love it. There's a pace and a way of living that is much more spiritually satisfying to me than a lot of other places."

Of his farm, he says, "It's something that has quite a bit of room to walk around and grow some grass under our feet and have some privacy, but not feel like we're isolated. We don't want to live in a compound. It's the great thing about Tennessee and especially Nashville. The people are just real people, so they just accept you being neighbors.

He said the couple has a good rhythm here. "Nashville suited us as a couple very quicky. So having been away now for so long making this film, we are just both anxious to get back into that groove again."

Read all about Keith being at the Sommet Center and loving Nashville in the Beverly Keel column in the Tennessean newspaper.

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