Monday, October 22, 2007

An On-Line Show from Webbspun Ideas

I'm in the process of creating an online show that will be all about the things I love. I want it to also be a celebration of my wonderful city of Nashville but I also want it to be much more then that. It will have some live music, we'll talk about travel, architecture, food and all things culinary. They folks that come down to Past Perfect when we are shooting will find some drink specials as well as food for those "in the audience."

We'll talk about what people think about when they hear someone mention "Nashville" and what is right in what they think of us here or what is just a myth. It will be a learning process for me but I look forward to the adventure and the challenge. Shooting will be starting at the end of October in various parts of Nashville with the actual "set" shots being filmed in mid-November.

I hope you stay with me and learn, laugh and enjoy as much as I will.

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