Monday, October 01, 2007

Lightload Beach Towels Create a Unique Happy Experience for You.

This sound really handy and good for road trips and so many other things.

~C.S. Webbspun

Here are some points and uses for the towels.
Multipurpose: Lightload Travel Towels have thousands of uses unlike any other product. Also known as “a cool tool”, people include Lightloads travel accessory towels in their hiking equipment, backpacking accessories, camping gear, hunting gear, fishing gear, golf accessories, travel accessories, outdoor activities gear, etc. for different reasons. You can buy things like a fire starter, coffee filter and first aid cloth separately and spend more money or buy a Lightload travel towel which is all of the above and save.

Space Savers: Put a handful of Lightload Travel Towels in your pocket and still have room for your keys and money. Lightload beach and travelTowels are also the only travel and sports accessory and outdoor gear towels in the world that fit easily in your pocket with room to spare!

Entertaining: Use as game pieces for a variety of rainy day activities. People can play checkers, hockey, and catch, or create your own games

Disposable: You don’t need large storage space for Lightload Beach Towels. In fact after a trip just throw them away. If you decide to machine wash them, put them in a pocket or mesh bag for best results.

Eco friendly: It’s a product that is biodegradable so good for the environment.

Super absorbent: Lightloads are the most super absorbent outdoor sports towels that are made. Each outdoor sports towel is much more absorbent than cotton towels absorbing more than 9 times its weight in water. This makes it the ideal sports towel for camping , hiking equipment and survival kits.

Visit the website to learn more and read below to get a review of them.
This review comes from the "Vagablond" blog where you can read the full review.

In a tightly packed, hockey puck sized bundle, comes a towel that is not only reusable, lightweight, fast drying and surprisingly durable but it’s also biodegradable. When I opened the Lightload Travel Towels package, it was so compressed that I felt like I was tearing apart chunks of cardboard it as I pulled and twisted it open. I thought for sure I was breaking it. Slowly, but surely, the material separated to expose a full sized, paper-thin towel.

Its smaller counterpart, the size of about six stacked fifty-cent pieces, pulled apart the same way and exposed an equally thin hand towel.

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