Wednesday, October 10, 2007


British billionaire daredevil Richard Branson suffered a cut hand and bruises during an 80-second per feet descent Wednesday from the 407-foot mark of the Palms’ Fantasy Tower.
A shaken Branson limped away to his room to change clothes after his pants were ripped during the wind-plagued stunt. Gusts of 20 miles per hour nearly caused Branson’s latest adventure to be postponed, a member of his team said.
Just before his descent in a full-body harness, Branson outstretched his arms and took the plunge from a perch near Moon nightclub near the top of the tower.
He was lowered by a high-speed cable winch, which was similar the same one used in Spider Man films.
Branson did not address the media, because of his medical needs.
— NORM CLARKE, Vegas Confidential from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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