Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blue Man Group is Coming to Nashville

How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.1
Friday, November 16, 2007

Ticket Prices:
$87.50, $52.00*

**Groups of 10 or more may receive $2.00 discount on either price.** **All groups receive TWO complimentary tickets for every 10 purchased.**

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breatnyS said...

Never seen Blue Man Group on concert, I was not going to see it, Blue Man Group tickets got sky rocked thanks to stupid brokers. But even if I had seen it, I wouldn't buy it. I'd rather wait and see it on DVD. Well suprise I changed my mind and I got 2 tix for the Blue Man Group show I was looking for tickets thanks god there sites like Ticketwood which work as comparators here is the site
Blue Man Group Tickets http://www.ticketwood.com/theater/Blue-Man-Group-Tickets/index.php . So any body going to the Blue Man Group concert ??