Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vibrating rings to guide you in the unfamiliar places

Gail Knight, a British designer has developed two such rings that will guide the travelers in the unfamiliar places. These rings have global positioning satellite to guide the wearer. Also, there is a device controller which one needs to wear around the neck or clip on to clothing.

This device controller has all the necessary electronics that could not be fitted in the rings. The eight digit display allows for a postcode to be entered. It also has an electronic compass and GPS system that powers the navigation of this device.

Inside the rings there is a small vibrating motor and antenna which makes the rings buzz as soon as these receive the signal from the device controller. The rings buzz for left and right, and have different vibrations for forwards and backwards. When the wearer goes in a wrong direction both right and left buzz.

So, next time you are move don’t forget these vibrating rings who knows when you are caught in a place which you are totally unfamiliar with.

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