Tuesday, September 04, 2007

“There are no strangers?”

Robino Around The World is a cool blog which covers the wandering and travels around the world. His name is Robin and he is from Holland but currently resides in Istanbul. I enjoy stopping in for a visit every once in a while to see what he is up to and where he is.

Here is one of his posts...
“There are no strangers.” It is one of my favourite sayings. Have you ever been on your own wondering around a town, a city or countryside? Imagine being lost, and someone walking up to you and helping you out, telling you how to walk or maybe giving you some water or even a ride.
Imagine how this may feel. You’re lost, unsure, uncertain, maybe even stressed out, not knowing if you will find your way again, unsure if you will have a place to sleep tonight. It is getting dark already and suddenly out of the blue a stranger appears and helps you out.

Imagine the wonderful feeling. You are being helped by a complete stranger, who is totally willing to get out of the way just to make sure you will be fine.

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