Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jet Plane Backpack

For the family that travels, here’s a new kid friendly product parents can purchase before booking their child’s airline ticket.

Vegeta-Bull has designed the new Jet Plane Back-Pack for kids to cart around their favorite snack foods, small toys, candy or garments. It comes in a blue, pink or grey soft plush material much like a cozy stuffed animal. This convenient new product is more than just your average backpack; it comes with a detachable trolley to roll along wherever you’re traveling. The Jet Plane also has three small pockets with zippers for whatever your child might need to stow away.

Vegeta-Bull has also makes similar polyester items in fun shapes. There’s a colorful flower purse in the shape of a leaf that zippers up with handles and comes in five different color combinations. For children who like music, Vegeta-Bull has a guitar-shaped CD case also available in fun colors.

These products aren’t out on the market yet but we look forward to their arrival.

Melissa Vitti is an intern at Go Nomad, which is where you can find more information on this product and to find more cool gadgets. She was listed under the list of travel gadgets so I'm assuming they are giving her credit for the list and not trying to help her find a date. I doubt she needs the help.

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