Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some Reining Horse People

Hilldale Farm- A great place in Tennessee with some of the nicest people who just happen to also be some of the best in the reining world. It is a beautiful drive to their place and they have such a great business. It is inspiring to visit and to see what they do.

Hanson Performance Horses- We met them in Oklahoma City last November at the NRHA Futurity. Phenomenal horse trainers that are also truly nice people.

Brian Bell- Watched him at a clinic in Murfreesboro, Tennessee recently and the man is pure magic on a horse. Taught "Chuck", the horse, how to dig in more when he spins and made him a better horse overall. It is incredible to watch someone that good at something.

"Alexis" Horse Trailers- An incredible lady with a dreams and a passion that just won't be stopped. She has created a line of trailers that are so nice and hopefully we can get one in the future.

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