Friday, August 24, 2007

I Think He's a Star

Last night a famous Nashville rapper, that we will call "Young Huck", quietly came in and got a room for the night. He wasn't flashy and he wasn't trying to draw attention to himself but the car he was driving definitely stood out from the rest. He was driving a light blue Bentley with wild rims that probably cost as much as a house. It wasn't my style but it was a beautiful car. He seemed like a nice guy.

Before the night was over, the hotel shuttle was getting gas and he was there as well. He was getting gas, snacks and drinks. While pumping the gas on this side of the pump he walks out and gets into his car and it smelled like a Cheech and Chong movie. Nice smell cuz it was obvious to be good stuff but I haven't smelled that much in a long time.

Just a note from last night.

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