Friday, July 13, 2007

Trucker says he killed two in Indiana

Police launched a full scale investigation after a confession from Illinois trucker Bruce Mendenhall.

Officers arrested the 56 year old Thursday at a truck stop on Interstate 24 near Nashville, Tennessee.

Mendenhall reportedly confessed to murdering several women including two from in Indiana.

Lt Kevin Kelly, is a detective with the IMPD Homicide Branch. He told us, "(He) admitted, I guess, to being involved in four or five other homicides involving truck stops and prostitutes."

Kelly immediately dispatched a homicide team to the Pilot and Flying J truck stops on South Harding Street. Lt. Kelly says Mendenhall's confession had clear references about the truck stop. "We were canvassing the fields, the trash dumpsters, the out buildings, anything that could conceal a corpse," he said.

Police say Mendenhall mentions specific locations including the White Castle, Hardee's and McDonald's Restaurants.

His rig fits the description of a suspicious truck spotted after a fatal Nashville, Tennessee area murder. Someone murdered a woman found two weeks ago at the truck stop.

Detectives found blood in Mendenhall's semi. And that's not all.

Read the entire story at WTHR Eyewitness News

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