Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Limited-edition Woodford Reserve whiskey gets wine finish

Super-premium Ky. bourbon goes for broader appeal

Associated Press

Master distiller Chris Morris and Terry Adams

Kentucky bourbon whiskey is commonly mixed with water or soda, but wine?

Brown-Forman Corp. has put a new twist on its premium Woodford Reserve bourbon with a limited edition variation distinct for spending a few months aging in the company's Sonoma-Cutrer wine barrels.

The experiment blends California chardonnay with Kentucky whiskey culture.

The result is called Woodford Reserve's Sonoma-Cutrer Finish, produced at the Woodford Reserve distillery in the heart of bluegrass country near Versailles.

It's the second time Brown-Forman has dabbled in a special whiskey that's an offshoot of its small-batch Woodford Reserve brand. The goal is to build a bigger following for Woodford Reserve in the competitive super-premium bourbon category, and this time perhaps win crossover business from wine drinkers.

"We certainly believe this has a nice connection back to Woodford Reserve, and it would have interest to people who are involved in premium whiskeys," said Wayne Rose, Woodford's global brand director.

He added that it could stir wine drinkers to "think a little differently about bourbon."

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