Monday, July 02, 2007

Fred Thomspon Homecoming

Good to see Fred come back home for a visit and always love a guy that enjoys "momma's home cooking."

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Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson is just another part of the McCain, Dole, Damato philanderer polygamist cabal, protecting their goods. McCain was part of the Keating S&L scandal, but they are also responsible for the subprime debacle. Damato never passed the repeal of Glass Steagal because he was milking both securities and banking firms. Meanwhile, the junk banks he had his hand in made junk loans. It only took Phil Gramm one month to pass Gramm Leach when Damato was defated. These guys don't see fnance as an industry which affects our global competitiveness, just as a teat they can suck on. The youth stashers want a harem of women and a harem of banks they can have their way with. And, now, will the guys who insisted our current president was the best candidate just because he had a southern accent please pay the bill?