Thursday, July 26, 2007

Expect Vince Young to Keep Performing and Winning

Yes, Young already has a trip to Hawaii in his NFL scrapbook after one season. If the kid can book a Pro Bowl berth in a truncated rookie season, why can’t more success come in his first full season as the quarterback of the Tennessee Titans?

Yet, one of the burning questions around the NFL as training camps commence seems to be whether Young can have success in Tennessee. Don't worry. The guy is a already an NFL star.

Hall of Fame-type potential. There’s no way this should be a storyline of the summer. The concentration should be on how Michael Vick’s indictment will impact the Falcons, Donovan McNabb’s recovery in Philadelphia, Randy Moss’ impact on New England, Peyton Manning’s title defense. Not Vince Young.

The kid is a guaranteed success. Why? Because Vince Young has yet to fail.

Read the entire article at MSNBC.

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