Monday, June 18, 2007

The Weasel, The Witch and Ward

Here are three beautiful horses that we nicknamed "The Weasel", "The Witch" and the little guy is now called "Ward". The nicknames come from their personalities and we didn't plan on calling them these names but it just happened. We were figuring out what to call the little guy and since we have the weasel and the witch already it just felt like a C.S. Lewis book title. Hence the little guy being called Ward, as in wardrobe.
Ward, the Weasel and the Witch
The Weasel- She is so cool but a little bit of a sneak and thus the weasel.

Ward and his mom, the Witch. She can be kinda ornery and wants to show the Weasel who is the boss sometimes and thus she became known as the witch.

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