Monday, June 04, 2007

Walking With Peter Jenkins

A Walk Across America and The Walk West both written by Peter Jenkins are about a young man who needed to discover what he was capable of and if his country was still filled with good people who care about their fellow man. He faces all sorts of obstacles during his travels and creates amazing memories. He deals with tragedy head on and yet also lives a life that keeps his senses alive and leads him on through the years to continue to explore and discover the best of people and of this great planet.

He later walked along the edges of the Gulf of Mexico and discovers the South and the Delta. He loved finding kind people, good food, working hard and truly experiencing what life is like in each place he visited.

His books are interesting to read and very entertaining. I know when I read them I wanted to put on my walking shoes and hit the road. Who knows, maybe one of these days I can enjoy some of the adventures that Peter Jenkins enjoyed. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys travel books and books with great stories.

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