Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Walk in the Park on a Saturday Evening

So last night we went over to Percy Warner Park for a little time on the trails before dark. Well, we were having fun, sweating, breathing hard and yes...just walking on the trails when we realized we weren't going to make it back to the car before darkness completely set in on us. We had gotten completely lost in the bird songs, rustling leaves, squirrels scampering around and just the beauty of it all and now here we were knowing that we wouldn't be able to see in the dark on the trails.

We found our way to the drive that winds its way through the park and then we took a service road out to Highway 100. Well, as it turns out we were even farther away from the car then we thought. So we set out walking on the side of Highway 100, where there are no sidewalks or shoulders and we had cars zipping by at a good speed and feeling a little to close for comfort sometimes.

After a while we finally found the drive up to where the cars were parked and begin the trek back to them when we see a guy walking his dog in the darkness and he was having a bit of a hard time since he was also on crutches. After passing him we hear this "scream" that we assumed must've been an owl or something and there were thousands of lightning bugs all over the sky to our amusement as we walked deeper into the darkness towards our cars.

Finally we are in our cars and riding through the night with the wind in our hair and our bodies feeling so good from the exercise.

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