Sunday, June 03, 2007

Maybe Awestruck is a Good Description **edit**

This past Thursday we had lunch at the Sunset Grill where we enjoyed the Crabcake and Voodoo Pasta and for dessert we shared some coconut sushi*. We sat on the patio and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day and the food was delicious and our server was pleasant and very efficient.

After that we went over to visit Manuel and to see his showroom and work. We talked with Laurel Nash for a bit and shortly afterwards we met with Manuel. He is an amazing man who is very sure of himself and you can truly understand why when you see his level of design and craftmanship. The list of people his has created for is unlimited and is mind-boggling. He was incredibly gracious and we talked about embroidery, design and all sorts of things. We walked out of there on a cloud having had the honor of talking to the best of the best.

After that we needed to come back down to Earth and talk about how cool it was to spend some time with Manuel. We walked across the street to the Corner Pub and wet our whistle and introduced ourselves to the owner, Aaron Palmer. He was a very gracious host and we enjoyed our visit there as well. We look forward to going back to try the food and festivities. I would recommend it as a nice place to stop in for lunch or after work.

Corner Pub
2000 Broadway
(615) 327-9250

*The coconut sushi is homemade frozen rolls of whole almonds surrounded in real coconut filling, wrapped in a chocolate shell and served sushi style.

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