Wednesday, June 06, 2007

K-9 Support for our 4-Legged Soldiers

I saw this group featured on the CBS Morning News this morning and I was touched and I think they need our support in taking care of the military dogs and their handlers. Please go by and have a look and if you believe in what they do, please help support them.
-C.S. Webbspun

This is from their website:
On July 4, 2005, Dogtopia® in Vienna, Va. began a campaign to create awareness and generate support for military dogs and their handlers stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere overseas.

Their first fundraiser, a dog wash, attracted national attention to their cause and brought-in over $9,000. To date Dogtopia® has raised over $20,000 and shipped over 5,000 lbs of supplies. Packages include goodies for both humans and canine alike, but also essential equipment, such as cooling pads, protective eye wear and heat resistant clothing.

Following up on the campaigns success, Dogtopia® created a permanent non-profit arm to the company, known as K-9 Support, Inc., to support working dogs of all kinds. From military dogs to rescue dogs to Seeing Eye dogs, Dogtopia® is committed to aiding these wonderful animals in any way we can.

For more information about the organization or how you can help, please call 1-888-DOGTOPIA. Visit their website and support... K-9 Support

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Anonymous said...

Becareful who you give to, K-9 Support is not a non-profit and I would question how they have spent their donation dollars thus far. Check the non profit status prior to giving. U.S War Dog Association is a great group to give to.