Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jack Daniels, Martin's Bar-B-Que and Driving Through the Tennessee Country

A road trip taken this past Thursday.

So we hop into the convertible and drove through a beautiful, lush countryside to Fayetteville to visit a horse farm. After that we decided since we were so close we would take the time to go to Lynchburg and visit the home of Jack.

We did the Jack Daniel's Distillery tour and had a great time. The weather was perfect for a walk through a distillery and the smell of malt wafting in the air was really nice. I bet it's just like the smell of Hershey, Pennsylvania where the smell of chocolate floats in the air except it isn't the smell of chocolate.

The guide was good but not quite like the last guy who took us on a guide last year, he was funny, grandfatherly, full of information but also kind of ornery. If you haven't been there to see how small and cool Lynchburg is then you need to get a move on. It is a cool place and make sure to stop in for a visit to Uncle Jack.

We hopped back into the convertable called the Red Baron and drove back through the green countryside and into Nolensville for a visit to Martin's Bar-B-Que. It was pretty busy but shortly after we got there the crowds came in. When I ask what I had to have and couldn't leave there without trying, I was told that it was all good and made fresh daily. The fries are handcut and cooked when you order them and the taste and texture showed that. They were delicious as was the pork and the brisket.

This is a place that I look forward to visiting again soon...again and again. By the way if you visit sometime soon, pick me up another redneck taco but make it mild this time.

Martin's Bar-B-Que
7215 Nolensville Road
Nolensville, Tn

What we ate:
Brisket Tacos
3 beef brisket tacos with a hot, homemade salsa and cheese. No sides and so it only cost $5.50

Redneck Taco
Cornbread cake covered with brisket or pork and cole slaw to top it all. I also had two sides which made it a total of $6.50 before tax.

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