Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wine Classes at MAFIAoza's This Summer

Here is the schedule for the summer series of wine classes at MAFIAoZA'S.

Class will start at 6:00pm on Wednesdays and cost $15.00 for five wines and a little taste of something special to bring out the best in the wines. Also receive 10% off dinner at MAFIAoZA'S if you decide to stick around for some pasta and pizza.
For reservations call 269-6880.

May 23rd
Wine Tasting Basics (Learn the secrets of the sommeliers to exploring wines)

May 30th
Sparkling Wines (The perfect beginning to any occasion)

June 7th
Lighter Mood Swings (A collection of the perfect patio wines)

June 14th
Pinot Grigio (Soft tropical whites from Northern Italy)

June 21st
Chardonnay (Come see why she has been dubbed the queen of grapes)

June 28th
Soft Reds (Rich, rewarding and romantic)

July 12th
Tuscany's Reds (We discover why it is Italy's most famous wine region)

July 26th
Italy's Big Bruisers (Our pride and joy, only the boldest of reds from the homeland)

August 1st
Spirits and Cocktails (Learn how to be the perfect host with these cocktails, aperitifs and digestives)

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