Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Traveling at Christmas

We all have traveled during the Christmas season as both children and adults. As a child traveling to my grandparents quite often it was really special to be going knowing that Santa would be coming to visit and the whole trip was pure bliss with the anticipation. I knew most all of the family had traveled to be there as well and we would share stories, food, laughter, presents and the time together.

I can still smell the smokiness of the wood burning stove that sat in the living room. I can remember all of the kids running upstairs or outside to play. Our imaginations ran wild as we played and created our own worlds and playgrounds.

I remember not being able to go right to sleep because we all were whispering and laughing together. We had so much fun together and the magic of the season just made it that much better. I would finally fall asleep and than I would get up early and tiptoe downstairs to have breakfast with my grandparents. I remember how my grandmother would make my breakfast and make it so much fun to watch her. I would sit down next to my grandfather and talk to him. I was always amazed at how he would pour a cup of coffee and let it overflow and fill the saucer. He would then set the cup to the side and sip the coffee out of the saucer before turning back to his cup.

These are the things that I remember this time of year. I am glad that I have been able to experience all these magical moments of travel, family and friends. I'm thankful to have grown up when I did and thankful that I believed in the magic Christmas.

How about you?

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