Wednesday, May 02, 2007


If you have traveled or stayed at a hotel recently than you may have noticed that many bags and suitcases all look very similar. Most are dark, if not black, and could easily be mistaken for your very own bag. We see lost or misplaced luggage all the time in the hospitality business and this is why it is so important to find a way to stand out. You can call it "making a statement" with your luggage or just simply not wanting to lose it or have someone else take it by mistake but there must be something about it that makes it different from all other bags.

Some people have big nametags, ribbon or string tied to the handle and some have pink or red luggage. I've seen animal prints, images of pets and cars and more just to stand out. This all works but you want to find something that you like but also is unique. Some people have matching clothes and luggage and I call that overkill but hey if it works, go for it.

Whatever style or color you choose you need to remember that when you travel via plane, train or bus that you must have proper identification on your luggage. This allows the handlers to know that it belongs to someone traveling with them and also insures that you will have it at your destination. Well, it may not insure it but you sure won't get it if you don't have i.d. on it.

Something else to think about is having your bag closed but not having it locked. This enables security to inspect it if need be without having to break your lock. A lock will be good to have for some places but not when you are traveling. If you do put a lock on it and they need or want to inspect it, they will break the lock, inspect your bag and you may not like that but it is legal.

Be aware of travel expectations, government travel restrictions and regulations, have your info on your bag and make sure it stands out from the other luggage. Most of all, just get out and see the country and get the experience of travel, it will do you good.

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