Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday Night in Nashville- May 19

Nashville CityFest brought lots of people downtown and was a great time for folks of all ages and was nice to see something like that in Nashville. Come back next year Mr. Palau, we'd love to open our arms to you again.

We walked around downtown and took a few pictures of neon signs for the fun of it but we are also working on a "secret" project for later in the summer and you won't believe your eyes when the time comes. The weather was just right and we walked all over and enjoyed most of the folks enjoying Nashville.

I long for the days though when each club didn't try to outblast each other with their music blaring into the street. I prefer to walk by hear the fun sounds coming out of the door and get drawn in like that, instead of hearing the music 3 blocks away.

Okay.....that is it for now. Thanks and have a goodnight and be sure to tip your servers and enjoy the city.