Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hot Hotel Market in Nashville

Is anyone surprised to hear that Nashville is a hot market for business, growth and creativity? Well, I would be surprised to know that anyone who has lived here or visited here during the last few years would have any doubts as to how quickly we are growing and how everyday more people wake up to a fact that most of us have known for a long, long time. Nashville is an amazing city and is full of good people who leave a lasting impression.

Let's enjoy the growth and make the most of it but those of us who have been here most of our lives should always work to keep it special and a place that people are more impressed with every day.

From the Tennessean today:

Analysts said the sale is a reflection of a hot hotel market in Nashville, one that is seeing growth across different price ranges.

"The hotel investment community is waking up to Nashville," said Jan Freitag, a vice president at Smith Travel Research, a Hendersonville-based company that tracks the lodging industry.
"Nashville as a hotel market is maturing; it's growing more sophisticated.

Here is the Rest of the Story in the Tennessean

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