Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Horse People in Stitches Magazine

When Andrea Bobu moved her embroidery business, threadadventures, from Clovis, CA, to Smyrna, TN, early this year, she managed to bring all her customers with her.

“My customers are mostly horse people – breeders, trainers and horse associations – and although the types of horses and owners are different in both states, they share a passion for their animals and everything related to them,” Bobu says. “I own several quarter horses I take to shows. I understand horse people since I’m one of them.”

Most of Bobu’s orders are for hats and jackets, fully embroidered with at least three different designs that use different techniques, such as twill, sequins, leather appliqué and foam. The award jackets she designs and decorates usually include the horse association’s logo, award title and placing, and the year and horse’s name; the embroidery is placed on the left chest and the full jacket back

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