Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Couple of Days in the Life of C.S. Webbspun

We rode the Red Baron down to the Gerst Haus for some good times done in the Bavarian fashion. While there we tried the hot beef and cheese dip and the Paulaner Hefeweizen. We enjoyed the "Bavarian" atmosphere but were also amused by the clicheness of`it all. I hope to visit again sometime when they have the lederhosen-wearing band playing live music so that we can get up and dance the Schuhplattler.

That night found us globe-trotting, culinary style into the land of siestas and hat dances. We enjoyed a fish bowl sized margarita while waiting for the food and we went back to the Webbspun household where we had a fiesta for the taste buds with tasty Mexican food.

We followed that up with more globe-trotting in the film fashion by watching Oceans 12 and it's exotic locations such as Italy, Amsterdam, European locations as well as the old faithful Las Vegas.

Once again we rode with the Red Baron through the country to the Peachie Farm while being serenaded by the Doc and the ol' Dawg. Upon arrival at the farm rode Chuck DeHorse around the outside arena and that is where I learned to ride with using the reins and only used my legs and body to direct the horse.

After going home for a shower we went to visit the "singing sommelier" Mark Johnson at Vinea. The international flair that we had been enjoying continued for our tastebuds as he sang the praises of some delicious Greek wines. He also recommended that we make a Mediterranean inspired dinner, since we didn't know what we wanted yet, to compliment the Greek wines. We wanted a red and a white wine and for the red he recommended Pape Johannou Vineyards, Nemea Old Vines 1999 to go with our dinner.

Pape Johannou Vineyards
Nemea Old Vines 1999

It was an outstanding wine that left us completely satisfied and our tastebuds overjoyed and thankful for the experience. All I can say is BOY HOWDY that was such an amazing wine. YUMMM....

We also got a dry white wine that we were told to try it by itself since it would be a nice to sit and enjoy while carried away by good conversation and filled with the spirit of the vine. This lovely little white wine was crispy and danced over my tastebuds and lingered just long enough to create a want for another taste. Moschofilero Boutari 2006 is one that I think most anyone could enjoy and than recommend to their friends.

Our Mediterranean dinner consisted of herb and feta-cheeseburgers with a greek salad and tsatsiki. It was unique, made from scratch and fun dinner that was the cherry on a fairly perfect day. I wish you all could have enjoyed it as well.

Moschofilero Boutari

Dry White Wine 2006

To learn more about this wine visit the vineyard

Read an article about Greek wine in Pittsburgh's Post-Gazette

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