Friday, April 20, 2007

Stones River (Civil War)

~It is near Murfreesboro, Tennessee

~A fierce battle was fought here between December 31, 1862 and January 2, 1863.

~General Bragg's Confederates withdrew after the battle, allowing General Rosecrans and the Union army to control Middle Tennessee.

~600 acres that is a National Battlefield~Stones River National Cemetary, established in 1865 with more than 6,000 Union graves.

~Hazen Brigade Monument, believed to be the oldest, intact Civil War monument still standing in its original location.

~Portions of Fortress Rosecrans, a large earthen fort constructed after the battle, still stand and are preserved and interpreted by the National Park Service.

~Much of the nearly 4,000 acre battlefield is in private hands.

~Abraham Lincoln told Major General William S. Rosecrans, "You gave us a hard-earned victory which, had there been defeat instead, the nation could hardly have lived over."

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