Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joe's Place Family Restaurant

We stopped in around 10:00am to get a bacon biscuit or something to hold us over for a while and stumbled across a gold mine of good food. They had just opened and we had the place to ourselves and we were treated like royalty. Our server Tammy told us about how they use only fresh meats and vegetables, the specials that day and showed us the homemade pies.

They had 8 or 9 pies that looked like they had been delivered from heaven that morning. Perhaps the most unusual one was a strawberry jello pie. Yeah, you read that right, JELLO. Maria, the cook, uses it for flavoring and a bit dusted on top for decoration. I didn't try it because I wanted the chocolate/coconut pie and I was happy that I did because it was incredible. I looked good and the taste was unbelievably good.

I had the beef enchilada which the only have on the second Thursday of each month. Now Maria is from Mexico originally and she puts her all into her food, especially this one since it is the only Mexican dish they have, which made the meal so refreshing and pleasurable. The meal included two beef beef enchiladas, a creamy Spanich rice, Mexican corn, refried beans, spicy cornbread and homemade salsa. The salsa was so good with lots of taste and just a hint of heat while the cornbread has a phenomenal taste and nice texture.

The salmon was fresh and we received two patties along with fresh turnip greens that were so full of taste and you could tell the difference from the canned greens that are just cooked. These were made with love and oh how it makes a difference.

I highly recommend this place. Be sure to talk to Tammy and Maria and tell them Corey says hi.

Where we ate:
Joe's Place Family Restaurant
2216 Stop 30 Rd
Hendersonville Tn.
10:00am-3:00pm Monday thru Friday
10:00am-2:00pm Sunday

What we ate:
~Beef Enchilada w/ Mexican corn, refried beans, Spanish rice, spicy cornbread and homemade salsa
~Salmon patties with fresh turnip greens, mashed potatoes and corn bread
~Chocolate/Coconut Pie
~2 Sweet Tea w/ Lemon

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