Friday, April 20, 2007

A Flying Club

Recently we had some people who were all friends stay at our hotel and the guys are all pilots and a couple of times a year they all take a vacation together. They fly to all their destinations themselves and they will go to 3-5 different locations and spend 2-4 days in each location. They usually make it a country trip normally staying in various cities and hotels while enjoying the local cuisine, music, culture and whatever else they can get into.

On this most recent trip they visited a small resort type town on the Texas-Mexican border. Than to Sedona, than to Sante Fe, than Nashville and I forgot where they were going to next.

They all have amazing times and were all smiles the whole time they were at our hotel. I think that is the type of thing that we all long to do but they decided years ago to make it happen and one by one they all took flying lessons. They were truly an inspiration for me.

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