Friday, April 20, 2007

Changes in our local restaurants and businesses, 2006

We lost some older restaurants and other businesses and gained some newer ones. The ones we lost were some of the old guard and they couldn't afford to fit into the changing and growing Nashville. I think our biggest thing is to realize that we need to bring on the new cuisine from all over the world and open our palettes to new and creative things but keep some of the old guard here as well. I think we need to look at having the best of both worlds. Having the little diners and mom and pop places while also growing and expanding our food community.

I'm all for growth and to show the world the magic of Nashville but we have to realize that the reason we are such a wonderful city that people want to visit or live in is because we are unique. Let's not go crazy trying and stressing over what Atlanta or New York City has that we don't.

I will say it has been a real pleasure to be able to get out and try alot of the new restaurants and places but now it is even harder to get back to the places I hold near to my heart and like to go back repeatedly. I love the new flavors, tastes and creativity that is flowing in our city through business and food. We have long been a center of creativity but we are seeing it in more than just academics and music. As our artists of all genres and businesses and creativity is flowing through the veins of our city we see a wonderful vision of our city. It is a bit of our kind hearted, small town side that we still have where we all speak to each other and smile in passing. With the new we find new tastes, sights, accents and more options for us all to experience. I welcome this and I say lets enjoy it all and keep our city magical and special.

Let's bring in the new things but let's preserve our history and our legacy. Let it grow and become a thick rich branch on the tree of America as we reach new heights.

In 2006 we lost:
West End Hardware
Belle Meade Cafeteria
Belle Meade Hardware

We added:
Marché Artisan Foods
Flyte World Dining and Wine
Past Perfect
Stoney River Steakhouse
Vinea (wines and spirits)

Vinea (wines and spirits)

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