Friday, April 20, 2007

Carter House (Civil War)- Nashville

~This 1830 brick house was used as a federal command post while at the center of fighting in the Battle of Franklin, known as the "bloodiest hours of the war."

~The Carter family, their friends & neighbors hid in the cellar during the battle.

~Built by Fountain Branch Carter and is a registered National Historic Landmark.

~In less than six hours, according to some official records, there were about 6,200 Confederate casualties(killed, wounded or captured), including 1,750 killed.

~The official Union count was about 2,579, which included 179 killed.

~Some historians, including Carter House officials, have documented at least 7,300 Confederate casualties, including more than 2,000 killed or mortally wounded. There were approx. 2,850 Union casualties, including about 450 killed.

~Capt. Tod Carter, the youngest son of the Carter family, died at the home 48 hours after being wounded in the battle.

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