Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Truck stops- Then and Now

Truck stops for me were like heaven for me as as child. I loved the trucks, I thought the drivers were cool and I loved to see all those trucks sitting there together like a museum or something. I wanted to go kick the tires just like I saw the drivers doing. I had no idea it was to check the air pressure I thought it was just something cool to do and so I wanted to do it.

Once upon a time truck stops were places to get food, gas, souvenirs and not have anything to fancy but was like an oasis sometimes while traveling. The food served was more of a "greasy spoon" type of restaurant that served more of the local flare from whatever area you were in. Sometimes they were really good and sometimes they were mediocre at best. They might have services like showers, drivers lounge and stuff but it wasn't anything to big at most truck stops but it at least gave drivers of all sorts a place to stop and unwind for a little while from the road.

Today the truck stops or travel centers have become much more of a destination than they used to be. They offer all sorts of amenities, food, drinks and you can even buy cd's and dvd's. I'm sure some of the old truckers that have passed on would think they were in heaven with some of the newer places. I know I have always had a soft spot for these places and I'm sure I always will because to me they are such a part of being out on the road. They have become part of the whole road trip experience, a place for us all to enjoy now and to look back over the years and remember trips from years gone by.

In writing this all the memories of road trips came back to me and I remembered roadside motels, cb radios and station wagons with my books and toys in the back. I think that might be something else to post later. It will give me a chance to talk about how I traveled and probably alot of people travelled when they were young.

Here is a list of the "best" truck stops from the Travel Channel
Best Truck Stops

Here are some examples of some of the biggest companies offer to truckers and travelers.

Petro Truck Stops
Affiliated Motel
All Major Credit Cards
AT&T Telephones
ATM / Check Cashing
Austin's Steak & Seafood
Barber Shop
Building Security
CB Shop
Computer Room
Copy / Fax Service
DAT Load Monitors
Dental Services
Derby Owners Club
DOT Screening
Driver Movie Theater
Driver's Lounge
Drop Boxes: UPS/FedEx/TripPak
Electronic Highway- Consumer Electronics for Truckers
Embroidery Shop
Full Service Gym
Internet Kiosks
Interstate Connections
Iron Skillet
Knife Shop
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Laundry Room
Massage Therapist
Medical Services
Petro Filling Station
Shoe Shine
SiriCOMM Wi-Fi
Snack / Coffee Bar
Starbucks Coffee
Tastee Freez
Travel Store
TripPak Scanning
Truckers Chapel
TV / Movie Room
TV Room
Video Arcade
Fast Food Restaurants

Pilot Travel Centers
Amenity Finder
CAT Certified Scales
Transflo Express
Trip Pak
Car Wash
Pilot Audio Rentals
Internet Kiosk
Western Union
Check Cashing
Public Laundry
Game Room
Wireless Internet

Loves Truck Stops

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