Friday, December 22, 2006

Travel and Outdoor Photographers

Please take the time to delve into the websites of these gentlemen and see the magic they create.

There are so many wonderful photographers but there are some that just always seem to stay with you and you never forget their work. Of course, the master of the outdoor photography is Ansel Adams. All you have to do is look at his work and you will see why he is so revered and photographers use him as the goal to reach, to know you are able to get "that" from your camera.

Thomas Mangelsen is someone that I found out about while in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a ski trip and while checking out the town square we stumbled across his gallery. I was sold and hooked on his work since that day. One of the first, if not the first, to get a picture of the salmon jumping straight out of the water and into a bears mouth. You can find books, cards and all sorts of stuff that showcase his work.

Peter Lik is someone that I found out about while in Las Vegas a few months ago. He is the type of guy that goes out to find a shot that he wants and gets a few pictures with a "standard" camera. This allows him to see what time of day he wants to get the shot, what he wants to see when he truly goes out to get the shot with his "real" camera. His prints are expensive but worth it and play off the amount of light you put them in. You can see different things in bright lights and something else in less light. Truly magical stuff here.

Tom Murphy: I heard about him for the first time just a few days ago while he was on NPR discussing photography and being out in the wild. I was struck by the way he looks at things and how he is able to pull that across for us to see. Just a great way to get the great outdoor shots while also finding the abstract and fun in the outdoors.

All of these men leave me yearning to be better at my photography and to want to get "out there" and see what shows itself to me or allows me to see it. They are all different in their styles and the outcome of the shots yet they all seem to have a magical touch and while they are out on a trek for shots I think it is a type of communion for them. It is more than just going out with a camera and seeing what you can get to sell. I know it is a really good business but I think it is a spiritual thing for them as well.

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