Thursday, December 28, 2006

Time For A Road Trip

I'm aching to do a big road trip in the next few months. I am thinking cross country would be fun and there is a highway in Montana that is currently two lanes and crosses the entire northern half of the state. It is going to be widened and changed so before that happens I would love to make the drive across Highway 2 and meet people, take some pictures, eat some good food and whatever elses crosses my path.

I know there are areas all over the country that I would like see and drive across and I want to also do more of that in my own great state of Tennessee. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts about a special road trip? I want ideas, places and anything else you can offer. I would even consider having a sponsor if the offer was right. Anyone know a someone that would pay me to drive around, meet people take pictures, get recipes, eat good food and report back to the masses?

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