Friday, December 22, 2006

Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival, March 2006

This was held in March 2006 at the Nashville Airport Marriott. It is held every year around the same time and will be held at The Maxwell House Hotel, May 11-13 of 2007. They are a great convention for any hotel who gets them. Fun people to work with and very kind to all they come in contact with. I didn't know the horror genre very well until I met these guys but some people who knew their work were kinda freaked by them until the realized they aren't truly like the characters they play in the movies.

Gunnar Hansen- Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Edwin Neal- Hitchhiker in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Ken Foree- Peter in Dawn of the Dead

Michael Berryman- Pluto in The Hills Have Eyes and the principal in "Smokin in the Boys" by Motley Crue

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