Monday, November 13, 2006

Lunch at Baker's Cafe

Stopped for lunch today and had a fresh, hot meal for lunch and was able to beat the lunch crowd.

The Food:
~Country Fried Steak with gravy and two sides. Sliced carrots and mashed potatoes with gravy.
~One roll and one corn muffin
~Sweet tea with lemon was my drink of choice.

Fresh and delicious and the potatoes were not lumpy and had a really good taste with and without the gravy. They don't use instand food and you can tell in the flavor but if you like your food spicy, be prepared to add it yourself. They have wonderful food but it is not spiced or seasoned.
The bread was just right on the spot in both texture, taste and size. Two pieces of bread person.
Sweet tea had a good tea taste and it was sweet but not to sweet.

The Service:
~Pam was our server and she was smiling, pleasant and talking to her customers. She was quick with our bread and drinks and on the drink refills as well.
~Charlotte is the mom of the restaurant owner and does a little bit of everything there. She cooks, serves, runs the register where you pay for you meal and much more I'm sure. She was delightful and pleasant.

Bakers Cafe
503 S. Main Street.
Goodlettsville, Tn 37072

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