Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some Travel Advice

Some things to be aware of when you travel....

1. Have your I.D. and/or passport

2. Have your money, credit card, or whatever you will be using to pay for things with, in a safe place while on the road.

3. At the hotel, they will ask for a method of payment. Be prepared and know how it is going to be paid. It might be you or your company paying but please be aware of how it is taken care of and don't be offended when they ask for a method of payment.

4. When you arrive at your destination, please have your confirmation ready. Before you begin to read it off as soon as the person at the desk, on the phone or wherever ask how you are doing....Tell them your name and they may not need it. The confirmation number is often a backup plan just in case they can't find your reservation.

5. At the hotel, the keycards are often sensitive to magnets, cellphones and other items that have any sort of magnetic field in them. They will erase the keys ability to work.

6. Before leaving home decide how you want to get around the city or place you are visiting. Will it be a rental car, taxi, shuttle service, by foot or what? Very important to plan this one out.

7. Be aware of the security levels of travel before you leave home. Check with the airlines, watch the news, check info from Transportation Sercurity Administration and know what you can and cannot take with you.

8. Be aware that a long distance phone call from a hotel room will cost you a fortune. Use a cell phone or calling card or something besides the phone in the room.

9. Call ahead and talk to a concierge or someone that can help with information that you can only get from a local person. They can often help much more than a travel agent or anyone else because they live there.

10. Feel free to ask for upgrades with the airlines, car rentals, hotel or anywhere. All they can say is no or yes.

11. Ask questions.....don't be afraid because it will only help you get the information that you will need.

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Paul Chenoweth said...

Great list!