Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jake's Mountain Grill

The Look:
I met a friend of mine this past Friday at Jake's for lunch and since I arrived a little early, I took a little look around. The exterior is nice but doesn't draw you in and the interior is nice, as well, but was more country feeling than giving you the look and feel of the mountain lodge or resort. The bar area had some dark colors in it and looked a little more of the rugged look that I expected throughout.
Verdict: Room for improvement but it was clean and it wasn't an eyesore.

The Food:
I had the chargrilled salmon with a baked potato and salad. Aaron, my friend and pastor, had some fried shrimp with fries. He loved his and very overall impressed with the place and I thought the salmon had a really good taste and was juicy and I enjoyed it alot. The potato was good but the salad was not the best lettuce and wasn't alot more than just lettuce with some dressing on it.
Verdict: I will try it again because I did enjoy it. I just wish we could get better restaurants and cut back on the chain restaurants in the Rivergate area.

The Service:
Our server did a very good job and was very pleasant. They weren't to busy when we were though and so the servers were all gathering around the host/hostess stand. I didn't like to see that but hey it can be boring when it's slow.

The Location:
Right across from the Rivergate Mall and easy to see. They will find lots of shoppers and church people visiting there.

Jake's Mountain Grill
909 Rivergate Parkway
Goodlettsville Tn 37072

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