Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cooking tours in Italy

This is not an advertisement for this person or company. I just love the thoughts of making a visit to Italy and experiencing something like this. I swear I would be in heaven.

Italy Cooking Schools
Cooking Tours in Italy: Experience the Real Italy Through Cooking, Food and Wine With Local People


Experience real Italian life and culture through your cooking lessons, visits with olive oil, cheese and balsamic vinegar makers, wine shared with local people on your cooking tour in Italy.
Discover cooking secrets in your cooking lessons with top chefs in their restaurant kitchens and mothers on their farms.

Savour the rich bouquet of Italian wines as you swirl your glass and you drink and learn all about your favourite wines and new ones with producers right in their cellars.
Enjoy private insider visits with olive oil, cheese and balsamic vinegar producers so you see how they make these food treasures and you taste them right where they're made.
cooking lesson in a country town near Bologna, Italy

Discover places and people off the beaten path with your local guides. Soon feel like they're your old friends showing you their favourite haunts and taking you to meet the people they like best. You'll feel Italian for a week! You would meet Italians you'd never have met otherwise, in some places you never would have found otherwise!

Wander almost deserted pathways through vineyards and olive groves in hills and valleys with beautiful panoramas. Food for your soul!

Go back to slower, simpler, sweeter times of long ago. You sit around tables with lots of time to talk, laugh, share experiences with family and friends you love and new friends too. You have time to eat wonderful, genuine Italian food made of local ingredients fresh from the market.
Live in lovely villas, a castle, family run B & Bs on farms or in pretty, little towns, historic hotels with magnificent views. We offer you accommodation for every taste!

How will you find the right tour? Sit down now with a glass of your favourite Italian wine and visit "Delicious Journeys".
We also custom design tours so you experience just what you've always wanted to in Italy.
Mama Margaret has loved travelling in Italy for 30 years and ran her first cooking tour in Italy in 1995, so if you'd like expert advice or help, just contact her. We're delighted to help you so you enjoy a cooking & wine adventure in Italy that gives you wonderful memories you'll treasure for a life time.

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