Monday, September 18, 2006

Music City Star begins!

Today is the big day! The Music City Star begins running today from Lebanon to Nashville. I'm so excited because I really hope and believe this is the beginning of mass public transportation in Nashville. This is the first time that Nashville has tried to have a train, subway or anything like it and I would love to see it take off and begin to add new lines that cover all areas of Nashville. I think it would be great because it might help with less traffic on the road after some time and maybe less drinking and driving. I know when I lived in Washington D.C. that I used the Metro up there and would have some music to listen to, the newspaper or a book and I never stressed over traffic or anything and so it was a great way to start my day.

My fellow Nashvillians, please give it a try and I think you will see that it can be a nice change of pace from having to drive in traffic and will save you some money on gas. To all the visitors to my fair city, I hope if you are staying on the east side of Nashville that you will try it and I hope kyou enjoy it. The next time you visit we will hopefully be creating more lines to cover all of Nashville.

Nashville has been growing and creating new things the last few years and this is yet another exciting thing for this wonderful city.

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