Monday, September 11, 2006

Family, friends and LIFE

I worked for a couple of years in Washington D.C. at the Wardman Park Hotel. When the horrific terrorists attack struck 5 years ago, I was already living back in Nashville. I remember during all of this on that day and was so happy that I wasn't living there at the time but almost as soon as that thought crossed my mind I suddenly thought of friends and coworkers still there. I wanted to be there with them, even though there was nothing that I could do but I just wished I was up there with them. Thankfully they were all fine and unharmed but I remember how it shook me to the core to imagine how you could lose so many people at one time.

I have always relished life but suddenly I found myself wanting to spend time with family and friends more. I always tried to live each day like it was a treasure from God but suddenly I realized how important that really is. Like so many people since that fateful day, I have gotten back into a daily grind and probably more so than ever don't relish my time like I should. Hearing the rollcall of names of people that lost their lives five years ago is yet another reminder of how precious life is. I hope we all can begin to appreciate our freedom, our gift of life, our ability to travel and to make the most of each day.

Please go out today and smile at someone, say hi and shake someones hand. You might change their whole day and you will be amazed at how you feel about yourself and it will help plant a smile on your face. Life isn't perfect and neither are we but life and mankind are wonderful and if only for one day, give smiles away to everyone because when you smile and speak to them it gives them good reason to do the same to the next person they see and waves of kindness and joy begin to spread around our cities.

God bless the USA and all of you

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