Friday, September 01, 2006

Cheese with your whine?


I have been in the hospitality industry since 1988 when I started as a valet and I have seen and heard all kinds of sights and sounds. I'm okay with people who don't travel very often and not sure what to do or where to go but if that is the case than take the time to ask and don't pretend to know everything. The same goes for people who do travel quite often, please don't imply that you know how to do a job better than the person doing it. We don't come to your office and tell you how to do your job, althought we may want to after you talk down to us.

I have read articles in papers and magazines and I've seen people talking on TV about how they have all the answers to your problems. If you don't get what you want, when you want, they recommend getting mad, yelling, demanding things and overall just making a fool of yourself. I will say that with some people that is the only way to get through to them or to get them to understand that you are unhappy with their service or product. It is a shame it is like that but you will find it sometimes. Most people that work in restaurants, hotels and other people oriented businesses like people and want you to be happy. If you are nice and let us know things are wrong....WE WANT TO HELP YOU. It makes it easier for me, you and everyone else.

Don't walk up and just go crazy and start calling my mom names or spitting or kicking the bellman, tell me what the problem is and I will tell you how we can make it right and how I will do that and I will apologize for the seriously I will. Show me some respect and I will be much happier to give you what you ask for and since you were nice about, I will probably do something more for you. That is just how it works for most of us. Now there are the ones who don't follow this credo but I'm telling you most of us just want to be treated well and in return we will knock your socks off with service.

So please, before you scream at someone or ask them if they "know who you are"...take a moment to breathe and than talk to them. I'm willing to bet that you will be very surprised at the results.

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