Monday, August 21, 2006

Corey, Nashville's Culinary Concierge is on the loose...

Hermitage Cafe
71 Hermitage Ave, Nashville Tn

Main dish
Bar-B-Q Beef Ribs
turnip greens, new potatoes with cornbread

A funky little diner that brings you a real side of Nashville where you will find lots regulars who know each other and come for the good food. You will find alot of starving artists that frequent here because its like a second home with a staff that is like family. Enjoy the breakfast special of biscuits and gravy, sausage and fried potatoes with a couple of eggs and sip on some coffee without breaking the bank. The lunch is equally as good with food that is good and will leave you happy to have found this out of the way place. The staff has fun with everyone and no one is a stranger, for long.

Pros: Food, staff, old school diner

Cons: Worn look in some areas, tablecloths

Star Cafe
429 Main Street, Goodlettsville Tn

Main dish
Fried chicken breast and Fried Catfish
pasta salad, green beans and cornbread.
naner pudding aka banana pudding

This is such a great local restaurant for a few different reasons. It is in an old house that still has the multiple rooms that are now dining areas. Big windows, wooden floors and mismatched furniture gives the feeling of visiting an eccentric friends house in the sense that is warm and inviting They have a great staff that is helpful and pleasant and each evening they welcome singer/songwriters to come and practice their craft, as long as the schedule a time. Take the time to relax and enjoy and if you dont know what to try ask for a suggestion.

Pros: Janine and Jen because they are so sweet and do a great job. Mouth watering food that is the epitome of Southern/Soul food and the way it satisfies the taste buds and with the nice size helpings it will leave you full.

Chef's Market
900 Conference Drive, Goodlettsville Tn

Main dish
Hot Chicken Salad
green beans almondine, fried corn nuggets and and herb roll with parsesan cheese dusted on top

This was my first visit and I liked the look of the restaurants interior because once you get inside you would never believe that its in a strip mall and the food smelled delicious. The chicken, corn nuggets and the herb roll were a delight for the taste buds. The green beans were good but they could have had more taste.

Pros: Serving staff were very nice and quick to offer suggestions and describe the food and what was in it. The food was very good
Cons: I saw some workers using their hands to put nachos into bags and they had not washed their hands after using the phone, touching their hair, etc...I didn't like that.

Buca Di Beppo
1722 Galleria Blvd, Franklin Tn

Large garlic bread with mozzerella
Main dish
Macaroni Rosa
Chicken with Lemon
Fresh Salmon with Pesto

Always a fun place to eat with its funky decor that makes you think you stepped into a 3 generations old family restaurant. For a full experience and to see what really goes on in the kitchen make reservations for the kitchen table and watch it all unfold while you salivate. Even though this is part of a chain I still enjoy the quality of food and service. The macaroni rosa was a delicious dish but the lemon chicken and the fresh salmon made love to my taste buds and left them totally satisfied and wanting more. Full of flavor and the helpings are huge so be sure you know how hungry you are before you order the family size dishes, otherwise you will have dinner for a few more nights. Our server was John and he provided not only perfect service but he was witty and fun. He was also the bartender and he has some great bar tricks...*hint* Ask to see the "Full glass of water toss across the bar" and the "Samuari orange trick." You can find him working the bar Wednesday thru Sunday.

Pros: John our server, the food quality and taste, atmosphere, leftovers

Cons: Tablesclothes not shaken or cleaned on two tables we sat at. I found that to be just absurb that they could'nt do a better job of keeping the tables clean

1110 Caruthers Avenue

Half of a 10K Lira sandwich/ Half of a Sir Signore sandwich

A great little cheese shop that offers imported cheeses, gourmet food store, custom sandwiches, salads and soups. The staff is very helpful with questions about the cheeses and help you choose what is going to please you. The sandwiches are outstanding because they offer lots of taste, are big in size and are very unique. The variety of tastes that come out of each sandwich is unbelievable and wonderful to experience. The cannoli was perfection and I had two but I would be tempted to get more because of the taste and the way it just like salvation because it touched my soul. Yep it was that good

Pros: Staff, cheese, sandwiches, cannoli

Cons: Only one small table on the inside, never enough time to try it all

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